The Guardian Leather Case is a handmade, high-quality leather phone case, with unique microsuction pads that attach to your phone.


Our vision is to create a 100% leather case, which is functional, easy to handle, and non-irritating to use. Our case will ensure your phone is fully protected, while maintaining an exclusive design and feel.


Color and style options:

Elegant dark brown

Vintage light brown 

Guardian Leather Case iPhone 6/6s

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  • Microsuction Technology
    The microsuction pad consists of millions of microscopic suction cups that attach to the phone with a vacuum; they hold the phone tightly, yet allow you to remove it easily without leaving any marks or sticky stuff on the back of your phone. You can repeat this action over and over again without wearing out the material.


    The Guardian Leather Case has been meticulously designed to fit your phone perfectly. Exact camera cut outs, volume buttons and corner protectors are just some of the features that speak volumes about the product design.


    Kickstand Option
    The kickstand option allows you to use your phone as a media player so you can watch media on the go.


    Protective Leather Corners
    We’ve worked diligently to design specialized leather corners to protect your phone, because we discovered that, in many instances, other phone cases were made with a cheap plastic frame, or no frame, leaving the phone vulnerable to damage. The Guardian Leather Case corners are strong and durable, constructed with a high-quality cut & sew process, and finished to a very high standard. These corners make it easy to place your phone in the correct position when taking it in or out of the case.



    You’re already carrying your phone around with you at all times, so why not carry your wallet as well? 
    The Guardian Leather Case features two credit cards slots to carry cards and even some cash.


    Crowdfunded with Indiegogo.

  • We want our customer's full satisfaction! If for any reason you change your mind or are not satisfied with our product, you can send it back to us in its original packaging and we will replace it or give you a refund. Return mailing fees are not covered.