The idea behind the Guardian Leather Case:

Most leather cases have faulty construction: some have a cheap plastic framework which ruins the appearance (and the concept?) of the leather case. Others are frustrating to use; for example, needing to place the phone inside a holder. Others may look good, but don't protect the phone as they should. 

We have combined high-quality, handmade leatherwork with advanced microsuction technology to create the ultimate leather phone case!


Our original vision is to create a 100% leather product, that is functional, easy to handle and non-irritating to use. The Guardian Leather Case provides a high level of protection for your phone with an exclusive design.
























Using microsuction material to attach the phone to the leather case is simple, convenient and cool!

We’ve worked diligently to design specialized leather corners to protect your phone, because we discovered that other phone cases were made with a cheap plastic frame, ono frame, leaving the phone vulnerable to damage. The Guardian Leather Case corners are strong and durable, constructed with a high-quality cut & sew process, and finished to a very high standard. These corners make it easy to place your phone in the correct position when taking it in and out of the case.

Guardian Leather
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Guardian Leather Case
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